Hi, I'm Jesse.

I created this page to serve as my terra firma as I learn web development using node.js and express. I also wanted to have a place to show off my other programming projects, as well as any other ceative endeavors I may undertake. I'm an aspiring software developer and comedian, so please forgive anything unfunny that makes it onto this site.

Me So Far...

I graduated from the University of Florida in 2016 with a B.S. in mathematics and physics. Seeing a world marching ever forward with technology and not wanting to be left behind (and seeing how much more fun my C.S. classmates were having), I picked up a computer science minor and instantly fell in love. I made it as far as data structures and algorithms before they forced me screaming with arm twisted behind back to graduate. Alas, one cannot remain a student forever, but while I was there I had the pleasure to:

  • Serve as a teaching assistant for COT 3100 Discrete Structures.
  • Participate in neuroscience research in Dr. Jason Coleman's lab.
  • Tutor students in math and science at a local high school.
  • Sit on the committee for accessible bulding design.
  • Take dance lessons.

Where I'm Going

While I plan on returning to school someday to pursue a master's in computer science, I am currently working on starting a career as a software developer. I am eager to surround myself with people who know things I don't, and do some good ol' fashioned learning by doing. If you are interested in working with me, or just want to connect, you can find my LinkedIn at the top of the page.

Jesse Trinity 2017